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Out again, preferably after jwd - after "janz far out"? Take a deep breath, let your soul and legs dangle, listen to the birds, cycle, swim, hike? We are the right place for your vacation from everyday life. Here you can relax in a historic yet modern, spacious ambience and relax and let yourself be pampered in the restaurant by a fresh, regional cuisine. Welcome to the Waldschlösschen Kyritz!


That the Berliners discovered Kyritz and the Prignitz as a popular summer resort at the beginning of the 20th century is anything but a coincidence. Not too far from the metropolis, directly on the old post road, which connected Berlin and Hamburg, lured in Kyritz and surroundings the flat country with expanse, water and forests.


Here, not far from the shores of the Kyritzer Untersees, a businessman from Berlin had a restaurant called "Waldschlösschen" built in 1906. With its idyllic location, its romantic beer garden and its proximity to the lake, it has become a popular destination for holidaymakers and day-trippers.


We are committed to this tradition. Almost 100 years after its construction, we were able to reopen the "Waldschlösschen" in the year 2000 after a loving renovation.


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