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To go biking

Cycling by numbers


Kyritz is part of the "cloverleaf region" Dosse-Seen-Land "which also includes the villages Wusterhausen and Neustadt (Dosse) .The hotel" Waldschlösschen "offers two-wheelers particularly good conditions.Cycling, bicycle rental, e-bike rental on pre-order and diverse By the way, orientation is very easy for us: drive for numbers, and after a numbered system that shows you the way at knot points, you can easily create your own routes.


Walk along the medieval pilgrimage route Berlin - Bad Wilsnack and experience picturesque villages and the renaissance castle in Demerthin. Or go on "Sageour" - to scenes of the legends about the Kyritzer robber barons Bassewitz, the beautiful miller's daughter of the Kattenstiegmühle and the Blutstein, a huge boulder at Wutike. There is always something to discover!


Great cycling routes through the Brandenburg Land and Kyritz an der Knatter:


Route 2 Historical city centers


Tour Brandenburg


Dosse-city tour

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