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Big carp and pike-perch are trumps On the edge of the Kyritz - Ruppiner Heide, surrounded by forests, lie the approximately 220-hectare Klempowsee and Untersee, which merge seamlessly into one another. Main fish in the up to 7 m deep lakes is the carp, which occurs in stately sizes. The heaviest fish weighed 22 kg. Reed belts line the shores, and especially roach and perch are caught here. Also beautiful eels occur. The average weight of the zander is about 6 pounds. Tench also live in the lakes but, like the pike, are relatively rare. Bank anglers should offer their baits at least 20 meters away or fish from jetties. The better prospects for good fish, however, have boat anglers. A very good place in the Untersee is the big island.

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